Technology Solutions

with a customized approach

At Maupin Travel we are committed to working with our clients in delivering leading edge travel management solutions to your company while proactively looking ahead to future technologies. We take the time to get to know your needs, goals and requirements and build a customized technology plan to address those objectives.

Our suite of advanced technology tools include such products and services as:

eTravel – Online Booking

Allows you to integrate custom online booking tools as part of your overall expense reduction strategy in managing your travel. Our online booking initiatives have resulted in adoption rates that exceed industry averages.

eRez – Flight Options

Provides you a comprehensive overview of your flight options along with a fare grid giving you the fare for the itinerary you select. Click to View Sample

eChex – Live Flight Itinerary

Provides you a live itinerary in real time as well as electronic receipts, invoices, flight notification features, and helpful traveler tools. Downloadable to your PHD or over the web. Click to View a Sample Report

Maupin eTrax – Unused Ticket Tracking

Captures and records all unused tickets and advises agents whenever a ticket is available for an exchange. Also alerts customers of their unused tickets. View Sample Unused Ticket Report

Maupin eReports – Management Reports

Provides a web-based data management platform that consolidates all travel data in a secured certified environment. Over 100 standard and customized reports can be generated in real time or broadcast on a scheduled basis. Our clients derive significant value from this platform as it allows them to consolidate data from global markets, view travel spend, identify trends, monitor policy adherence and improve profit. Sample Reports:

Maupin eStats – Flight Performance

Source for objective, real-time flight performance information. You will have access to up-to-the-minute details on flight status, gate and baggage claim information as well as real time TSA gate wait times.

Maupin eCompare- benchmarking database

A complete travel program management and analysis program that provides you data you need to run an effective travel management program for your company. You'll be able to compare your travel program with others in your industry, others who travel to the same destinations, or industries within your geographic region. View a Sample Report

Maupin e-Alert – Travel Disruptions

Maupin Travel maintains a back up and contingency plan to ensure continuous performance in the event of disruptions. While travelers are in transit, we will take action on any problem that might affect your trip and alert you of our action.